Billy is an animated puppet with the mind of a tainted toddler's. His role model is Big Bird, he LOOOVVESS Sesame Street, and he's an aspiring gangster and surgeon. And he claims he hates me.


         So I'm Jennifer. The first time I saw SAW (hahah no pun intended), I was instantly in love with Billy, and when I find him in the comic, I dive right into this whole "mother" role. I like to force-feed Billy spaghetti'os and buy him his favorite Sesame Street toys. ...But he doesn't appreciate any of it. :D


          Brennan always said how Billy was ugly and how he wanted to destroy him. He is Billy's arch-enemy, with a heated grudge for all puppets. Him and Billy will continually set hits on each other.


          You all know who the flower is. He's basically a nuisance living in the bushes at the park. He's territorial, rude, has an ego, and basically just wants to scare kids. We also learn that he has a taste for puppet. What will he do next? How will Billy survive? o-o



          The Count is one of several Sesame Street characters Billy will meet up with on his quest to become part of the show. Well, technically he's not 'meeting up' with them. He's just annoying them. For the Count, it's knocking on his castle door one day and asking for advice, because he believes him and the Count have a connection because of their creep-factor. The Count's not interested though.



          Big Bird is Billy's #1 role model. He fell in love with him while watching Sesame Street and decided he wanted to be just like him, and be gangster, do drugs, drink, cuss, party, hire prostitutes, etc. However, in Jennifer's house, that isn't flying. So Billy just carries around lollipops and has club houses as if they're run-down buildings where only cool people can go, and rides his tricycle around, in hopes of actually locating Sesame Street so he can run away forever. Ahhh Billy. *shakes head*

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